Marta Photographer New Malden
Marta Photographer New Malden
Marta Photographer New Malden

Hello I am Marta. Polka Photography’s eye behind the camera.

Photography is as great passion of mine as are my two daughters. Photography is the Spring feeling of freshness for me; I rely on my camera and photos to keep me in the best moods possible, I guess that’s how you know it’s the passion.

I wasn’t always like this. I searched and researched for the mojo of my life. I always loved photographs and played with a camera, but it was only after my first daughter was born when I started using the camera obsessively filling my computer with thousands of photographs. This triggered my creativeness enough to juggle the thought of pursuing photography as a career. However, it hasn’t happened immediately; having full time, demanding job in accounts, being a mum and trying my best to succeed with keeping the work/life balance wasn’t easy. But I took my time to learn and practice during those busy times. Then my second daughter arrived. What a bundle of joy she was, keeping me on my toes! I felt fulfilled like never before and since she has grown older and more independent, the other fulfilment knocked on the door again. Photography could not wait any longer, so here I am, doing what I love the most, surrounded by people I love the most.

I was born a mother hence I am obsessed with capturing newborns, new mums and dads, bigger siblings, families, and bigger kids on their own. I get butterflies in my stomach only thinking of the potential that a photo session brings! 

I am the type who loves to capture emotions, real feelings, show how full of life families are and how beautiful mums become when surrounded by unconditional love of their little ones. And dads! Dads are great, too! I discovered that my face beams and I smile all along photo post-production work, savouring those images again. While going through photographs I can’t help but feel the joy over and over again. Yes, joy - there’s minimum stress at my photo sessions, dare I say - the job I do is capturing the fun families have, so it really is time well spent for my clients with memories preserved forever. A dream job, or what?

I am also an introvert. A dreamer. With passion for self-development and treating psychology as a hobby. Old enough not to overthink. Young enough to stay flexible. And I own two cats.

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